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Hotel Fachmakler is a one of the leading hotel efficiently delivering services across California, USA. It’s serving as a reliable hotel service company since 1985.

Clients Satisfiction

We are proud to keep up a consistent record of different types of clients. Our Company Service to our clients is always warm and gentle no matter how long or frequently the visit.

Motivated Team

We have a well-trained and motivated team with up-to-date knowledge and combined expertise of almost 30 years. The quality of our people clearly differentiates Hotelfachmakler from our competitors!


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I love this hotel! This beautiful hotel had everything that I was looking for during my trip.It’s clean, quiet and comfortable. I am definitely looking forward to staying at this hotel again,whenever I visit here in the future



This hotel provides a very easy and fast way to ensure a personalized holiday for a fabulous, affordable and memorable family trip. Their other services are very amusing and simple to navigate options provided online. Thanks to this site and I would highly suggest them



Just amazing! The response from them is immediate and pricing is reasonable with no hidden costs. They save my money and most of all my time too.


Business Person

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